The word ‘marketing’ itself suggests the act of promoting for selling products or services and since the topic we are dealing with is ‘Social media marketing’, it is clear that it is marketing via various social medias prevailing in this era of technology. Promoting products or services on social medias will automatically lead to an increase in the output of one’s business. This type of online marketing up lifts the branding goals of the business. Moreover, the companies target the collaborators with the help of current and potential customers, journalists, bloggers and also the general public. The aim is to get more and more traffic or customers getting involved in their business and the strategy for this is managing the marketing campaign, governance and setting the scope.  

Getting traffic via social media is simple and productive if done in a right way. To advertise one’s product, they use these social networks, electronic word of mouth (eWOM) and customer’s online brand-related activities (COBRA). Additionally, we can say that the various social media platforms act as a bridge between the marketers and their customers or the general public. The marketer gets to know about the likes and dislikes of the customers through social medias and hence advertises accordingly.

Further, these marketers also target influential people on social media who are then recognized as ‘opinion leaders’ who help them in influencing the common mass since a post done by an opinion leader will obviously have a greater impact on the mass of people who follow him/her on social platforms. Therefore, Social media marketing technique is crucial but efficacious and helps in accomplishing the marketer’s goals of getting success.