Online reputation management is managing one’s brand’s reputation with the help of internet. It is a scheme that helps the business influence the public opinion in a positive way or say in their favor. 

Since, in any business, public opinion plays a vital role according to which the business tries to keep its best foot forward. 

Doing it online makes the task a bit easier. This strategy ensures that no negative information or image of the business is being project to the masses. It also makes sure that the people are getting the right material or information about the things that they are looking for on the internet. 

It is a technology that ensures that people find whatever they look in for in online. It is mainly directed towards reducing illegal practices and trends in the internet and help the user in whatever way in can. From the name itself, it aimed towards managing the internet in order to make it user friendly. It’s a need of an hour for the online reputation management because today, as the number of people using internet is growing, it is leading and making it more essential for proper management online. Online reputation management matters because it increases the credibility and faith in online brands etc. It helps the brand to grow online.