Email marketing is a commercial process of sending emails to the client or customers in order to promote the product or the services offered by one’s company. Email marketing generally deals with sending of commercial emails including advertisements, request business, solicit sales or donations in order to increase the sales of the product and also to increase the brand awareness among their current or potential customers. 

With an advancement in the field of science and technology, marketing through emails has gained momentum. It is through internet that a company tries to reach out to it’s prospective customers. Email marketing involves selection of the customers to whom the emails has to be sent. Generally, the customers who have had a relationship with the company, are the ones, the company tries to attract.

This implies that the company needs to be in constant touch with the customer for two reasons: firstly, the company aims to hold the customer and avoids to allow him/her to go to another company. Secondly, the company wishes to increase the sales by making a reputation of itself among the customers. Email marketing is all about advertising about the product, bringing different schemes and offers for the customers ( potential). Emails are used for marketing so that the customer stays intact with a particular company. The sales and profits are all dependent on the way the customer responds to the emails of the company. This means that the company needs to stay in touch constantly.