Ever wondered why some sites boost their online traffic in a jiffy? The answer lies in excellent and efficient e-commerce advertising. E commerce advertising implies to techniques and methods employed to advertise one’s business through various online portals. This includes various methods such as emailing, paid advertisement on various social media platforms, google campaigns, paid search, redirecting, etc.  There are numerous ways to advertise your site, but good content always comes first. Selection of apt keywords and well written metadata makes it easier for customers to reach you. The most common methods for e commerce advertising are paid advertisement. Haven’t we all come across free-apps on cell-phones that include ads of various shopping sites?

Even social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube generate their revenues through advertising, hence being free for people to use. Advertising not only benefits one, but both parties, for when the advertised gains audience, the advertiser gets to expand his services by staying free.  Google also operates ad campaigns through Google merchant center. To be advertised by Google, Google AdWords need to create a good enough product feed. If approved, Google will put your ad on its feed after you select an amount to be paid for each click. It is pretty effective as the product pop on the first page of Google search for appropriate keywords. 

Many sites also use redirection. We often come across websites which when clicked on lead to another site. This method is not viewed in a positive light by the audience, and hence is in decline.  Although e-commerce advertising relies heavily on the internet and it’s platforms, the main crux lies in the ability to make the audience care for your product for advertising is only as good as your services.